How To Do WIFI Calling From Laptop/PC | Free Video Calling : There are many apps that provide free wifi calling from your pc and laptop. If you want to do wifi caling from your laptop then make sure you need to download some apps. Here is the apps you can find below that supports wifi calling.

How To Do WIFI Calling From Laptop
How To Do WIFI Calling From Laptop

If you are making business calls from a mobile device can be second nature, but when you’re on the phone call all day, the last thing you want is an iPhone or Android device stuck to your ear. Making calls from PC can be the most convenient option for business meetings. It really helps to take a distance from your phone.

Top 10 best WiFi calling apps for Windows

There are 5 most popular apps for pc that can help for doing wifi call from your laptop.

  • Google Voice
  • Open Phone
  • Skype
  • GrassHopper
  • DialPad
  • Vonage
  • Your Phone
  • Facebook Massanger
  • Omma
  • Whatsapp Web

How to setup wifi caling in your pc/laptop

Step-1: Download any software listed above on microsoft windows store or their official website.

Step-2: install on your laptop.

Step-3: Run apps that you installed.

Step-4: create account by using email or phone number

Step-5: Now Follow instructions to make a wifi call/video call/voice call

How To Do WIFI Calling From Laptop

These are the method that you can use to do wifi calling on your laptop & pc as well. So if you like this post share with your friends & enjoy your wifi calling.