How to Make Pendrive Bootable Windows 11 [Step By Step]: How frequently have you needed a bootable USB device to start your PC and/or perform a clean installation? It is simple to obtain an ISO or DVD image of the Windows 11 installer, but in order to use it, you must first make a bootable USB or DVD device.

You can make a bootable USB device using a variety of online software programmes, and then use that device to install Windows 11. A few tools, like Microsoft USB Tool, WinUSB Maker, and Zotac WinUSB Maker, have already been discussed. In this tutorial, we’ll use the Rufus USB maker to produce a bootable USB device for Windows 11.

Make Windows 11 Bootable USB Using Rufus

One of the apps that enables you to make a “ISO image” on a USB stick is Rufus. Rufus requires only a few simple steps to produce a bootable USB. It is a portable application for Microsoft Windows that allows you to format and create bootable USB flash drives or Live USBs. Pete Batard of Akeo Consulting created this tool in the ‘C’ programming language.

Here’s how to create a bootable Windows 11 USB flash drive using Rufus: [Step By Step]

  • You must first obtain the Rufus utility. You can get it directly from here.
  • Run the standalone application after it has been downloaded.
  • The application’s user interface will allow you to select the USB device that you want to make bootable. Check to see if there are any important files on that device.
  • Then, in the Boot selection dropdown, select Disk or ISO image.
  • Select the ISO image you want to use by clicking the Select button next to it.
  • For Standard Windows installation, select the Image option. You can also choose the partition scheme and target system. It’s best to leave them at their default settings.
  • Give the drive a volume label and choose a file system. Check that the NTFS file system is selected.
  • The other options are optional, but it is best to leave them at their default values.
  • Now press the START button to begin the process of creating a Windows 11 bootable USB drive from the selected ISO image.

Many Other Ways to Create A Bootable Pendrive

  • Using WonderISO
  • Universal USB Installer
  • RMPrepUSB
  • WinSetUpFromUSB
  • Windows USB/DVD Tool