Top 5 Free PC Screen Recorder For Windows 11 2022: Screen recorder, screen recording software, screen casting software, and screen capture software are all terms for the same tool that allows you to record the output of a computer screen.

If you’re just starting a gaming channel on YouTube or Twitch, you probably don’t have a large studio or a lot of money to invest. Don’t waste valuable living space and hard drive space by installing multiple applications for screen recording, live streaming, webcam capture, and editing gaming footage.

There are dozens of options if you’re looking for the best free screen recorder for Windows 11. We’re here to assist you in cutting through the clutter. We evaluated products based on their editing capabilities, price, dependability, and customer feedback. In 2022, here are our top seven picks for the best free screen recorders for Windows 11.

Here is The List Of Top 5 Free Screen Recorder: Ranking By 5 To 1

5. Flashback

Because of its simple interface and ease of use, we believe Flashback Screen Recorder will appeal to newcomers to screen recording and video editing. It provides plenty of options for beginners to get their feet wet without committing to anything, which is why we believe it is the best free screen recorder for Windows 11 for beginners.

Flashback comes in two Versions: Express and Pro, with the former being completely free and the latter offering a free trial. Flashback also anticipates needs that a novice screen recorder might overlook, such as hiding desktop icons, replacing your child’s desktop background photo with a plain background, and obscuring passwords during how-to demonstrations.

4. OBS Studio

OBS has become synonymous with live streaming gameplay because it is open source, free, and without restrictions. Because users can live stream and mix video and audio at the same time, OBS Studio is the best free screen recorder for Windows 11 for live streaming. This screen recording software supports an infinite number of scenes and sources, including window capture, text, images, webcams, capture cards, gaming consoles, and others. Custom transitions allow you to seamlessly transition from one scene to the next. In addition, Studio Mode allows you to preview all of your scenes and sources before they go live.

OBS Studio can screen record and edit videos in addition to live streaming. It includes basic editing tools as well as two audio tracks for recording from a microphone and a computer.

3. ShareX

ShareX is an ad-free open-source tool with nearly as many advanced features as some paid screen recorders. ShareX is primarily aimed at developers and power users, so an average user may become overwhelmed by the numerous advanced tools and editors.

ShareX provides numerous capture methods such as full screen, monitor, freehand, and many more. It also includes a plethora of customizable post-capture tasks and supports over 80 different image, text, and file hosting services, as well as numerous URL shortening and sharing services.


  • Records full screen, window, monitor, region, freehand, or scrolling
  • Incorporates hotkeys for easier and quicker navigation
  • Supports many URL sharing services
  • Imports existing videos, music, or photos
  • Allows custom watermarks and color effects
  • A variety of export options

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best free screen recorders for Windows 11, especially for those who create presentations or training materials for their jobs. This screen recording software integrates with PowerPoint, allowing you to turn a static presentation into an engaging video. Quizzing tools can also make boring tutorials and training videos more interesting and interactive.

Customize a pre-made template or create your own from scratch to create your company’s logo and brand colours. You can save all of your branding assets for easy access and reuse. Camtasia includes a variety of tools for making how-to videos and presentations look sleek and professional, such as cursor effects, arrows, lower thirds, and sketch motion to draw attention to the important parts of your screen.

1. Free Cam

Free Cam is a straightforward free screen recorder with an integrated audio/video editor. The user-friendly interface allows you to record both the entire screen and a portion of it — you can adjust the size of the area you want to capture. Despite the fact that it is free, it does not contain any watermarks and is ad-free. Furthermore, there are no time constraints — you can record videos for as long as you want.


  • No watermark, time limits, or ads
  • Records voice-overs and computer sounds
  • High-quality resolution
  • Users can save videos as WMV or upload them directly to YouTube
  • Easily deletes unwanted video fragments 
  • Removes background noise
  • Wide selection of audio effects