Top 5 Best Keyboards Under 1000 – 2022: A keyboard is essential for gaming. While playing games, you will be pushing the keyboard for hours. Therefore, the keys must be pleasant and responsive. To support extended game sessions, it must be sturdy. There aren’t many possibilities for you because your budget of Rs. 1000 is insufficient. Even so, you may find a nice gaming keyboard on a budget. The top gaming keyboards under 1000 are listed below.

If you have a limited budget, you should always take a wired gaming keyboard into account. The majority of Bluetooth keyboards will experience a latency problem. For this reason, I’ve included wired gaming keyboards on this list as well. In this market, the majority of vendors provide a standard keyboard with RGB lighting. A normal keyboard won’t offer anything in the way of performance benefits. Because of this, I advise you to set aside at least Rs. 500 for a nice, responsive gaming keyboard that will give you an advantage in games.

Here is the Top 5 Best Keyboards Under 1000 [Gaming]

If we were to describe membrane keyboards differently, they would basically have joined keys rather than separated keys, be covered in a thin layer of delicate silicon, and not have movable keys like mechanical keyboards. However, they would still be small and silent keyboards with film protecting them from dirt and damage.

1. Offbeat Slayer

A superb gaming keyboard with RGB lights for an authentic gaming experience is Offbeat Slayer. A 7-color rainbow RGB light that creates a breathing effect is built into the keyboard. The RGB light’s brightness level can be changed. Although a membrane keyboard, it has been tailored for gaming. The keyboard provides a responsive and fluid gaming experience.

According to the manufacturer, keys can withstand a test of 10,000,000,000 keystrokes. It is made entirely of metal and has a durable, wear-resistant design. Durability is another promise of the braided USB cable.

2. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

The finest gaming keyboard around Rs. 1,000 is the Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k. A USB gaming keyboard with RGB illumination is presented here. Keycaps on the keyboard are constructed of laser-cut aluminium.

Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000

To keep the keyboard sturdy while you are playing games, it incorporates rubberized feet. It contains conventional keyboard as well as integrated media control. Durability is assured by the braided cable and premium USB connector. The keyboard, according to Zebronics, has an 80 million key rating.

3. AMKETTE Evo Fox

Another excellent gaming keyboard in India around $1,000 is the AMKETTE Evo Fox.

Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000

The keyboard has a mechanical keyboard-like feel, but it is not one. The keyboard has a good build quality because it was made for gaming. It has a long braided cable with a magnetic ring and a spill-resistant construction. Keys have a 10 million keystroke rating. Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effect is also present on the keyboard. Along with normal keys, the keyboard contains 12 multimedia keys and 19-Key Anti Ghosting. It also includes a specific key for the windows lock.

4. Live Tech KB03 PRO

You may also use the Live Tech KB03 PRO as a good gaming keyboard. Even though it’s not from a well-known company, this makes a lot of promises. The keyboard is constructed from durable materials, is shockproof, and can withstand unintentional drops.

It includes high raised keys and an ergonomic design for a comfortable use. Additionally, the keyboard has a palm rest for convenient gaming and typing. All keys have a distinct white marking on a black background. Anti-ghosting is supported by keys. Multimedia keys are also available.

5. DragonWar Desert Eagle

This one is good and incredibly affordable. The keyboard resembles a standard multimedia keyboard and lacks RGB illumination. However, it also includes a gaming mat to keep the keyboard steady as you play. Additionally, it promises to be splash-proof and water-resistant. This one has 8 multimedia keys in addition to normal keys. The arrow keys and WASD have various colours. Consider this keyboard if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gaming keyboard.


These are the best keyboards with RGB backlight features and come with a robust metal structure for better durability and stability if you’re a gamer or want to get a new keyboard for regular typing needs. To improve your typing and gaming experiences, pick any top keyboard from our list. The majority of excellent conventional keyboards are priced between 5 and 6 rupees, and the greatest RGB gaming keyboards are available for less than 1 thousand rupee.